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Company Information

SKS Consulting was established in April 1981. The President, Tom Macauley, has over 42 years of extensive experience in all areas of data processing. SKS Consulting has been installing?networks?since 1982 and has been a Peachtree Support Center since 1986.

Networks & Computers

SKS Consulting is your single source for PC hardware and networking requirements. We have over 15 years experience in the evaluation, customization, and installation of networks for small businesses. We can provide you updates for your current hardware, or we can replace your current hardware with new hardware. If you are interested in upgrading your networking software, we can assist you in determining the best choices for your particular requirements. We are not a "one answer fits all" solution provider; we customize our solutions to fit your requirements and budget.

PTClassic Enhancement Product List

The PTClassic Enhancements can be classified as either "Normal" or "Premium". Normal Enhancements are priced at set prices, and are sometimes included in Enhancement lists. Premium Enhancements are individually priced, and are never included in Enhancement Lists. Most of the Enhancements are supported in both Releases 12 and 13. However, some are supported in Release 13 only. The Releases supported are listed in the RELEASES column below.

Peachtree Enhancements for the Windows Product

Prosoftmods LLC is a division of SKS Consulting. We have been a Sage 50 Accounting Formerly Peachtree Certified Consultant for over 25 years and have been doing enhancements on the DOS product and now the windows product since 1987. We have been programming in excess of 40 years in multiple industries and have experience dealing with these industries. 

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System Requirements for Sage 50 – 2018 – 800.475.1047 - Consultant – Training - Reseller – Support

System Requirements for Sage 50 – 2018 – 800.475.1047 - Consultant  – Training - Reseller  – Support 

Recommended System Configuration

  • 2 GB of RAM for a single user and 4 GB for multiple users
  • 4 GHz processor (Intel Core i3 and higher) for single user and multiple users

Minimum System Requirements